Saleem Kausar


Saleem Kausar  on August 1947, is a Pakistani Urdu poet.[2][3] He has published several poetry books. He has also written various title songs for different TV play serials. He has attended several poetry gatherings in different countries

Personal life

Kausar was born on August 1947 in Panipat, India. After partition, his family migrated to Pakistan and settled in Khanewal, Punjab, Pakistan. He received his primary and secondary education there. Later he with his family moved to Kabeerwala. In 1972, he shifted to Karachi, Sindh, where he has worked in various newspapers before joining Pakistan Television (PTV). He was retired several years ago.[4]

Literary career

Kausar began his literary career from Kabeerwala, where he met with well-known and national poets and learnt and practiced Urdu poetry. He also attended poetry gatherings. After moving to Karachi, he joined Urdu newspapers and wrote Qat'aas (quatrains), a form of Urdu poetry on a daily basis. He has written five collections of Urdu poetry. He became famous after his ghazal "Main khiyal hoon kisi aur ka" sung by various singers, was breakthrough in 1980.[5] He has visited several countries to participate the poetry gatherings, including Doha, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Middle East and India.[4]
A writer says;
"He may not be rich in the literal sense of the word, but he is generous enough to share the fruit of his craft to make people happy:
Piyar karnay kay liyay, geet sunanay kay liyay
Ik khazana hai maray pass lutanay kay liyay
(To love and to sing songs, I have a treasure to lavish upon others.)"[4]


  • Muhabbat aik shajar ha 1994[1][4] محبت اِک شجر ہے
  • Khali haathon mein arz-o-sama 1980[1][4]خالی ہاتھوں میں ارض و سماء
  • Yeh chiragh hai tau jala rahai 1987[1][4]یہ چراغ ہے تو جلا رہے
  • Zara mausam badalnay dau 1991[1][4]ذرا موسم بدلنے دو
  • Duniya meri aarzoo se kam het 2007[1] دنیا مری آرزو سے کم ہے


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