Shamim Hashimi


Shamim Hashimi   born Syed Muhammad Shamimuddin on 14 August 1947, is an Urdu and Persian poet.[4][3][5][6] He is basically a poet of Ghazal. He has also written poems of other forms of poetry in different meters

Personal life

Hashimi was born in Sasaram, Bihar, India.[1][7] He received his primary education in Madrasa Khanqaah kabeeriya. He obtained "Aalim" (Graduation) at the age of 15.[1] He pursued Fazil (Persian and Urdu) from Madrasa Shams-ul-Huda, Patna. After completing his studies from madrasa he joined Patna University and obtaned Master's degree in Urdu language & literature and Dip. in Ed..[2] He received the degree of Ph.D for his research thesis on the life of a poet Mahjoor Shamsi.[4][8] He is from the Daagh Dehlvi school of Urdu poetry and is one of the disciples of Abr Ahsani Gunnauri.[9][10] His pen name is Shamim Hashimi.[1]


Hashimi began writing poems at the age of 9.[11] His poems and prose were published in national magazines of Urdu literature like Funoon, Shair, Aaj kal and subh-e-naw-patna etc.[12][13][14] He has written many books in Urdu, Persian and English, including collections of his Urdu and Persian Ghazals.[14][15] His major literary work was published in 1970s.[10] One of his best books Toot tay patton ka dukh was published in 2005 which has widely been appreciated.[16][17][18] He has also received Sahitya Bhushan and Bihar Urdu academy award.[4][14]



  • Collection of Persian Ghazals.[1]
  • "Farsi ki pahli kitab" The course text book for inter college (Bihar board) and Magadh University 1973.[1]
  • Taaleef “Faryaad-e-raghib”.[1]
  • Talkheez-e-sher-ul-‘ajam.[1]
  • Collection of ghazals "Toot-tay Patton Ka Dukh.".[1][3][19][20][21]
  • Sahsaraam me Urdu shayari ki ibtada-o-irtiqaa (evolution of Urdu poetry in Sahsaraam.).[1]
  • Insaniyat ka Islami Tasawwur. (Meaning of humanity in Islam).[1]
  • Kulliyaat-e-Mahjoor Shamsi. (Works on Mahjoor Shamsi).[1].[2]
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